What Today’s Tweets Can Teach You About Marketing

The key to a successful marketing campaign can be boiled down to one action: understanding the deepest fears of your audience, and solving them.

Why? Because people will always do way more to avoid pain than to build joy.

For example:

I want to lose that last 10 pounds and finally not stay home versus wear a swimsuit is more effective than I want to feel fit.

You can see how this works, how articulating people’s deepest fears and then offering to solve them drives emotional response and action.

It’s how cult leaders build their base. Take the HBO hit docuseries The Vow based on the NXIVM cult. The leader brought in the followers based on wanting to bury their deepest fear. By making himself the solve to these problems, he was able to deepen their commitment to his “mission” and in years moved them from self-help gurus to sex slaves, anorexics and branded followers.

The thing with cults you just take this marketing tactic and consistently push yourself as the answer to someone’s deepest fears. You create a reality where you provide a solve for their feelings of powerlessness, and you assign that role to the cult leader.

Donald Trump is masterful at this strategy. He constantly brings out the darkest fears of some voters, that they are being wronged, and makes himself the saviour for fixing that problem.

He uses the emotional language and the us vs. them mantra to forge greater loyalty and, as the partnership deepens, they believe more of what he says, with less need for proof.

It is a marketing strategy. And with that strategy he won in 2016 and continued to build support through his presidency.

The crossover from movement to cult leader really depends on the leader. The strength of building blind loyalty does hinge on having that one person to push it forward.

We can learn a lot from solving people’s fears in marketing.

We can also realize that by removing a lot of logic from the equation, and presenting choices as something as simple as: vote me for individual freedom, you can be more persuasive in your argument.

It was only when the democrats had a villain to fight that the cause became more united. Fighting Donald Trump brought out more voters than ever before.

The reason the Trump fans are more passionate is that they have assigned a leader to fighting their fears.

There is no leader on the left that has that same power, and therefore we see less loyalty to a person.




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