What is YOUR goal for 2021?

What is YOUR goal for 2021? The exercise of setting goals is one of my favorite activities, and one reason that dawn of a new year or season always feels a bit more fun.

We wanted to give you some of our favorite tips for growth out of season one of Momentum Magnet podcast. We landed on four interviews that are key to achieving your goals this year.

The thing that most people miss in a growth strategy? It is always more about mindset than your strategy.

When we get hired to create brand campaigns or drive sales goals in a company, we always start at strategy. Is the entire team clear on a vision of what needs to be done? That is way more often the challenge than how your paid Facebook ads are performing.

This week’s tips for growth in 2021 include:

- Julia Becker Collins, an ad agency executive and endurance athlete, who talks to us about getting out of dark times, with her pain cave philosophy

- Master Tony Robbins Coach Maria Terol joins us to talk about the one secret to every good strategy — the better question

- Michelle Mercier, a lifetime Fortune 500 and nonprofit leader, gives us that tool that can transform any team (or relationship for that matter)

- And Purple Carrot President Brian Greenfield joins in to give us his best tips for financial success from his experience as an entrepreneur

What’s your 2021 goal? Let me know and you can listen to our greatest hits episode next week by subscribing to the podcast here: Momentum Magnet Podcast



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