There Is Always A Win


We are closing in on a year for the record books. And you probably have mixed emotions, like most of us do.

Some things went well. And others did not. And in 2020, I see extremes as being even more extra than in years past.

Every year it is important that you celebrate your successes, that you look for the wins and that you articulate what you did accomplish.

For me, it is easy to see what didn’t happen, so I have to force myself to focus on what did.

It can be the little things — the absolute practicality of an air fryer, the fun of the Oculus from Santa or even the magic of spending more time together.

I can celebrate that I met my 5000 minutes plus on my Peloton goal, even after breaking both feet and being at the beach for weeks and yet, still gained the covid 19.

It might be celebrating more profitability while seeing fewer sales. Or having an even smaller team with greater efficiency.

Or maybe it is giving more this year, because you can.

Whatever it is, the new year means taking a pause to reset. To rejoice. And to focus on what 2021 will bring.

For Marketing Magnet, that means a focus on brand assignments for new companies and ones needing a refresh.

This year we helped BCBS launch a new brand platform, assisted Embark Veterinary refine their offer, helped the GRE look for new ways to reach students and brought the newest ski app SKEO to the market. We helped Cure Rare Disease have the most profitable Giving Tuesday yet and find national accolades for the work we do in the rare disease space. And we helped three female founders set up their brand strategies to deliver new services to the market, helping to secure funding while in stealth mode.

Seeing the possibility for people and businesses in our superpower. We have a strong new creative partner and a desire to help more businesses rebrand and grow in 2021.

Winter is the time to plant the seed. 2020 taught us that redefining ourselves can bring amazing new results.

So keep thinking about what 2021 will bring! And we look forward to sending you some of our best practices to refine your vision for next year.

We can all write ourselves a more fun next chapter of this story of life and business.

If you have a brand in need of a refresh or know someone who does, please reach out! We are accepting new projects for February and beyond!

Happy New Year!




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