Let me tell you about writing a book

Are you a writer? Do you love to put your thoughts to paper and share them?

It’s been a journey for me. I process my feelings better on paper, with more clarity, brevity and less emotion.

And yet, it sure is a journey to share personal thoughts widely.

Only a few years ago, I’d never be open to sharing my feelings in a weekly email, podcast or Facebook live. On stages and in meetings I remained on script and focused on the content not the personal commentary.

Today it is entirely different. I spoke yesterday at the 2020 Loss Prevention Magazine event to hundreds of retail, solution providers and advertisers at the magazine’s meeting that moved from hotel ballroom to Zoom Webinar.

The most interesting part is while attendees sent follow up notes about the marketing tips, they all called out my personal stories. One CEO went as far as emailing to tell my son an answer based on a story I told in the session.

Authenticity breeds connection. The more you believe someone, the more you trust them. Nothing gets you there faster than through honesty.

I’ve been told a few times to write a book. The idea of what I could actually say in 200 pages alludes me and yet the idea of doing is like the idea of running a marathon — it’s an out of sight challenge I’d love to accomplish.

On this week’s Momentum Magnet we are speaking to book coach Jennie Nash.

For any of you budding writers or voracious readers, this is the episode for you where we break down how to know if you have an idea, how to approach writing and lastly, how to tell if you can sell it.

Who are the budding writers among us? I’d love to know.




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