Doing It All And Then Social

Somedays it feels like we are just doing it all.

Today I am helping clients launch new campaigns and new marketing strategies, all while deciding on a new middle school for a child, prepping for a surgery, negotiating a new car, fixing a banking issue and trying to figure out a summer when all plans seem to say: TBD.

Life is busy.

And the busier it gets, the more focused we must become.

The one hack that is working here is getting back to morning workouts. The more workouts I do before 10am, the better the day’s focus tends to be.

How to focus your branding efforts is our Momentum Magnet theme this month.

We went through Instagram tips with Mary Pendleton .

Next week we will talk to Erin Fucigna about Web site branding (hot tip: if you aren’t planning photography BEFORE you do your Web site, you are trying to design a room in a museum without knowing what artwork will hang — it is THAT important)

And this week we are diving into my favorite quarantine distraction: TikTok.

My TikTok news feed delivered better than any cable news channel in 2020. They give us homerun dinner recipes and give me plenty to text about with my pre-teen.

The usage is clear when you are bored or hungry. But the question we hear a lot as a brand? How do we USE it?

That is what Friday is about.

How do you build a brand on TikTok? What types of companies have success? Do paid campaigns work? And how can you start dipping your toe into content today, even if you don’t feel camera ready.

Have a specific question?

Let us know! We are happy to ask them to our expert Keenya Kelly on Friday.




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